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    (2Y G1 Low and G2 Division)

    Our goal is to provide a competitive racing program for all horses on Virtual Owner.

    To foster more interest in Division races, we are introducing a new eligibility system in the 2Y G1 Low and G2 Division races that responds to the competitive ability level of your horse. We have called it BMH Division Racing, being an abbreviation of the competition levels in these races.

    BMH Division Races will be classified in three competition levels:

    • BASE
    • MIDDLE
    • HIGH

    Your horse will be eligible for one or more of these competition levels, according to its competitive ability. Horses that are eligible for HIGH Division races are the best horses in the game. By contrast, horses that are eligible for BASE Division races will probably divert to a career in claiming races once they have advanced as far as possible in the BMH Division races.

    The range of competitive ability that determines the eligibility of your horse for a race will expand as it progresses through the Division levels. Hence a Maiden race will require a narrower range of competitive ability among horses that are eligible for a race than a D Division will have, and so on. This provides more opportunity for early success among horses at a Maiden stage.

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    BMH Division Racing will only be implemented on the current season's 2Y G1 Low and G2 Division. It will be extended to 3 and then 4-7 age groups with age changes.

    The Race Programmer will also be sponsoring Bonus Credits on the G1 Low A Division and G2 A Division to encourage more horses to follow a racing career through the Division races. The sponsorships will be US$30.00 Bonus Credits for G1 Low and US$20.00 Bonus Credits for G2 A Division races.

    EB race sponsorship will continue on Grade 1 Low races. More instances of these races will now spawn making more sponsorship available for the taking.

    The competition level of a race is determined based on the horses that enter the race, starting with the first horse that enters. The algorithm applied in doing so, is designed to ensure that it does not favour either early entry or late entry in order to ensure fairness.

    The BMH Division Racing algorithm can be refined according to player feedback and collective game play experience.

    All the best with your racing. We hope that you enjoy this new feature.